Toronto: 2013

For two women, the quest for the perfect pair of jeans begins..........

It was a long and discouraging journey into the world of denim shopping - fraught with the horrors of hideous branding, cheap washes and low waists. They realized that if they wanted a jean that could fit all of their criteria, they would have to make it themselves.

And so they did.

Several months, designs, and samples later - making sure these would be the jeans to be sought out, not settled on - the duo produced their very first style: the “Bad Reputation”. Inspired by Joan Jett, it is a high-waisted, skinny cut jean, with a classic dark blue denim wash, the right amount of stretch, and the right amount of Made In Canada.

If these two denim perfectionists are happy, then you'll be happy.


Jess and Lindsay